BlacxCross & ALA Art Fashion Show "The Experience"

What's Good! I wanted to post some photos from an event I was fortunate enough to attend. It was an event put on by a friend of mine which catered to music, fashion, and art. It took place in DTLA and at first I was hesitant about going but I am glad i decided to it was hella fun! I got to meet some allsome people and take some wavy photos. The event had a DJ spnning the whole night, and those sounds were provided by DJ Honey Cut  who did a great job as she played the Neptunes. The mini photo shoot was provided by the talented Andrea Costa Lima 

Last but definitely not least we would'nt have been apart of this if it wasnt for the special invite from the gorgeous empress herself Lara Abul-Failat thank you for the invite. 

Marco PerrelliComment